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New to Tigard Oregon

Looking for a hunting buddy to help me out here in Oregon. I'm 33 & I have never hunted before, but have owned many rifles and pistoles in my life. Now i have a chance to hunt and learn from someone in the area to take me out for the first time. I plan to try and get as many tags as i can next year. I hear that the eastern side of the Cascade mountains are a great place to hunt for everything. Before the season starts I hope to go out and do some scouting and get some range hours in on the 30-06 I just picked up for a steal of a deal.

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Welcome, I think you picked a good spot to nest!

Tigard huh, you dirty dog.  Just kidding, I am just jealous.  I have seen folks driving from outer tigard out with deer in the back.  You should have good luck on that side but be prepared to share.  The time I have spent in Trask were fruitful for my buddy but it gets hunted heavily.  I usually hunt santiam due to being close to home is nice!  I have one suggestion with no pun intended.  My young hunting carreer I had never heard of Hunter Education other than uncle Joe, lol.  I went with my daughter, a super archer by the way, few years ago at age of 32.  She is now 12 and getting own tags this year but it was an amazing introduction to hunting, not just for kids.  All the parents in the class were saying the same thing, man nobody ever told me that!  Not just all the stuff like scientific break downs of how bolistics work to a generous crowd of expert hunters that are willing to give you great hunting area tips.  Chances are one of the instuctors is from that area and will probably go hunting with you.  It is hard to get into one of the classes so register asap!  Good luck buddy and keep us up on your success! Thumbs up