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New to Tennessee and need advice!!!!!

I just moved to East Tennessee from Nebraska about a month ago to Kingport. I grew up in western Nebraska were all I did was hunt and fish any possible chance I had.  I was recruited out of college to come to Kingport for the next couple years and I need help with knowing what public hunting land is the best for turkey and possibly deer.  I have done nothing but research on the computer and no luck with any good info on WMA.  So any info and advice on some hunting ground would be much aprreciated.  Hunting is a big part of my life and by no means do I want to give it up. 




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If you're in Kingsport you're

If you're in Kingsport you're just a few minutes up the road from me. ;)

Cherokee National Forest is public land that you can hunt on. It's a big place that offers bear, deer and turkey hunting as well as other recreational stuff. I'm thinking you might need an extra tag for it though... just look it up online and see what you can find out. That's the only place off the top of my head I can think of that's near us. If I can get a decent full-time job I might see about going up there myself for a few days during deer season. We'll see.

Good luck!


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Welcome to the site, I lived

Welcome to the site, I lived in tennesse for a short period of time but never hunted it... I'm sure someone will stop by and give a little help(might have to wait till the forum picks back up closer to hunting season)



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