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New to the Site

Hello All,

This is a great website! I've been poking around here reading for about a week, and I'm glad to have come across such a enjoyable and rich resource. I live in the Seattle area, but have my eyes set on the eastside of the Cascades around Wenatchee in a few years. I've been hunting since I was 7 - Birds, Small, Med. and Lg. Game, and love it all. Rifles, Pistols and Shotguns mostly, but I shoot a Mathews Q2 Bow as well - also love fishing. I recently sold my Winchester Mod.70 w/B.O.S.S. in 300 Win Mag (I already regret it) and now I'm looking for a Ruger M77 Hawkeye Compact Magnum blued/Walnut in .308Win. (as in my profile pic) for a woods gun. Anyway, glad to be here!


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Welcome aboard!!! You are

Welcome aboard!!! You are right, this is a great site. Almost everyone is willing and eager to help out in a reasonable manor. You probably wont get GPS coordinates to someones honey hole but they'll point you in the right direction. Hope you'll be able to post some pictures and story's. There are a few members from WA on here so your not alone.

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Welcome to BGH! Glad you

Welcome to BGH! Glad you found us and it's always fun to have new folks participate! Thumbs up

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Welcome to BGH. Nice to get

Welcome to BGH. Nice to get another from the N.W.! Do your reload or run bird dogs?

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Welcome to the site!  It is a

Welcome to the site!  It is a great website for sure!  Be sure to throw up some photos and stories of your past hunts!

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Thanks Guys! Don- no dogs at

Thanks Guys!

Don- no dogs at this point due to my job has me working way too many hours! I did have a very talented English Springer from English field stock when I lived on the East Coast.

When I was shooting a lot back in the late 90's, I was reloading .45ACP and .223/5.56 on a Dillon XL650. I do plan to get back into it and work up loads for .308win for hunting. I'll be doing that on a Hornady Lock-N-Load AP progressive press this time around. I want to work up a great all-around load I can use for whitetail up to elk out to 300+yrds. Maybe 165-180gr. Nosler Partition, Hornady Interbond, etc. I'll probably start out with Varget powder? Anyway, that's all at the rolling-around-in-my-head stage. I'm also looking forward to seeing how well the Warne and Talley QD rings are for holding zero after re-mounting the scope....so much to do, so little time....