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new sheep rifle

I am looking at buying a new rifle for sheep hunting as well as maybe a starter gun for my wife and kids when they get older.  I want a lightweight production rifle.  the ightest i have seen is in a weathreby at 5 3/4 lbs or kimber at 5 1/2.  as well any thoughts or opinions on the good old 270, or the wsm or weatherby mag?  the gun will be one of these 3.

ps i have a similar thread in the rifles forum too. sorry about doubling up people.

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oh and i dont want to even

oh and i dont want to even look at guns with detachable clips, just drop plates only please.


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Sheep rifle

The .270 Win is a great sheep rifle.  Jack O'Connor used it to kill many sheep.  I think the recoil of a .270 in a 5 1/2 lb rifle would be a little much for a woman or kids.  My .170 Win is just under 8 lbs, and I wouldn't want to shoot a lighter one.

My favorite sheep (and deer and pronghorn) rifle is my .257 Ackley.  I've made one shot kills on a Dall and 4 Bighorn rams with it, but it is not a production rifle.

If I was looking for a production rifle for deer/pronghorns/sheep and possibly for a woman or kids, I would suggest a Remington, Ruger, or Savage at 7-8 lbs in .257 Roberts, .260 Rem, or 7-08.  These will shoot 117-140 gr bullets at 2700-2900 fps which is great deer-sheep medicine.

I didn't know Weatherby made a 5 1/2 lb rifle.  My favorite all around rifle is my .300 Weatherby Vanguard, but it's a little much for a woman/kids starter rifle.  I restocked and modified mine and it weighs right at 10 lbs, and it's a pleasure to shoot.  I did kill an Aoudad ram a couple of other critters in Texas with it, but I certainly didn't need that much gun for those animals.  It was just the first hunt for that rifle. 

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weatherby makes the ultra

weatherby makes the ultra light the 270 is about 5 3/4 lbs, but by time you throw a scope sling and fully load it that makes it around 6 1/2 which isn't bad.  my wife has shot my 308 and a 30-06 both that top out at about 7 pounds and handled both very well.  i have found that how the rifle is set up and buillt will make a huge difference on the felt recoil.  I have a ruger 300 mag and it feels like it kicks a bit more than my cousin's 300 win mag in a weatherby.


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If I was to go sheep hunting,

If I was to go sheep hunting, won't, I'd probably take my 25-06 and use 117gr Hornady's. If you hand load, I'd take a 6.5x06 with 129gr Hornady's. In that light a rifle You might want to consider the 260 and 7-08.

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Any of those will work fine,

Any of those will work fine, if you reload the 300's are even OK for the ladies & kids, just build loads that they are comfortable with. If you don't reload, start you have time to get set for next season, the cost doesn't have to be out of the world and if you don't reload your cheating yourself and family out of a great past time that will help them and you learn so much.

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my ruger m77 lightweight

my ruger m77 lightweight stainless has taken a dall and stone.  I am using the 270wsm.  to me this is the perfect sheep, goat, deer gun.  It gives you the tradition of the 270 with todays technology.   I put a leupold 4x12x40 scope on it.  I use 140 gr accubonds.  This combo just flat out works.   I will be using this on a fannin hunt next summer.  The gun is light enough to carry all day and just enough weight to be steady. 

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the ones mentioned above

the ones mentioned above would work, I personally have my eye on the KUIU Super Light Rifle made by Boswell Custon Rifles. Weighs in at 5 pounds and is extremely accurate / light. It's gonna be my next purchase

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Personally, I bought a

Personally, I bought a stevens in 300wm for sheep(doubles as an elk gun).  I haven't hunted sheep in decades, but a buddy and I figure we've got one more good high country sheep hunt left in us, haha.  I wanted a light gun that quite frankly I wouldn't care if it got scratched up on scree, or marks from taping it to my packboard so it doesn't rattle, or even using it as a walking stick.  The stevens is cheap, very accurate for the first 2 shots, and for the price it's tough to beat.

FYI,  back in the day my mountain rifle was a beautiful browning Abolt with a 4-12 scope;  unbelievably accurate at ranges so long I won't state as no one would believe me.  Also heavy, Very heavy.  I loved that rifle when I shot it, but hated it the rest of the walk.  (why does it seem in the mountain's it's always uphill, even when you're walking downhill?  :)  )

My suggestion if you reload would be the 270wsm.  IMHO the only wsm worth buying.  If we didn't have a 270 already, we'd have a 270wsm.  Pretty impressive performance.  'least that's my 2 cents.

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I would go with the .270 WSM, although I see quite a bit of 25-06 ammo around these days. If a brake is an option jump to a 30 cal gun. 300 WSM would be good medicine.

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You could get a 5 1/2# 300mag

You could get a 5 1/2# 300mag and load it down to 308 or you couled just get a 308. I don't understand the thinking of getting a lightweight mag rifle then loading it down so you can shoot it.

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