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New Self Reliant Organization Forming

A new group is starting up devoted to self-reliant methods, both past and present. The kind of people we are hoping to attract include (but is not limited to) persons interested in co-ops, green energy homesteaders living off the grid, living history buffs, experimental archeologists, blacksmiths, urban farmers, hunters, trackers, fishermen, primitive technologists, animal behavioralists, herbalists, botanists, wildcrafters, survivalists, and those interested in learning subsistence living methods. People who can get along just fine by themselves but possess the ability to get along with others and realize that things are easier when we work together as a community. Come learn how things were done once upon a time or just learn how to live below your means while learning and sharing modern day energy efficient methods. Interested persons must have a sincere desire to learn as well as sharing their own knowledge.

You may find that you enjoy leaving a smaller footprint on the earth, learning the old crafts of how to make your own food, clothing or supplies, harvesting and producing your own food, or just saving money by learning how to do things yourself. We are located in the San Bernardino mountains in Southern California. Interested persons should contact us at:

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