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New savage ?

I was just curious if any of you guys have had any experience with the new savage accustock? I am a savage fan and have two 110's one in a 243 and one in a 270. I am thinking about getting another one with teh accustock but I thought I would see if anyone has any experience first.

Thanks for any and all input.


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New savage ?

I haven't used one yet. I think it's neat idea though.

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I may be able to shoot one at the range Friday. If its as good as the accutrigger it will be great to shoot. I've got a 111 30-06 and will sight in my new scope tomorrow. A buddy might show up with his new savage and let me clip off a few rounds. Thumbs up

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I have one

I bought a Savage 116 in .30-06 with Accustock a few months ago. The stock is VERY regid. There is absolutely no flex in the forend. With that said, it's still an injection-molded stock. For example, you're still going to have a seam that runs along the stock. That bothers some and others don't care. I was board, so I sanded the seam down and mailed it to Dynamic Finishes to have them finish it in Realtree AP for $90 plus $15 dollars shipping. It's pretty cool looking. Yes, I like walnut best, but I like to mix it up. I already have black guns, so I thought a camo one would be cool.

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New savage ?

Welcome to BGH Liberty!

Not a bad looking rifle I guess, I really like walnut also! Only plastic stock I've ever had is my 243 Rem 700 ADL I got as a present. What a night mare that was!

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New savage ?

There's an article in the September '09 Guns and Ammo mag that tried both the older style stock and new Accustock on the same action, basically comparing accuracy and what accuracy gains were made/found. The bottom line was that little to no accuracy gains were seen with the new stock and some loads actually printed a good bit better with the old stock.

A new Savage might be bought at a good price when they begin to close out the older style stock. Thumbs up

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New savage ?

While I have not yet handled an Accustock I can tell you from personal experience that the plastic stock it replaced would get very flexible. It also seemed to worsen with age.

The trouble is that the area in front of the recoil lug pocket had no reinforcement so the pocket would become a flex point. If you put the rifle on a bipod the forend would eventually touch the barrel.

BTW, these stocks are not interchangeble.

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