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New to San Diego

Howdy all,

  I have been lurking on the forums for a bit now and figured I would introduce myself.  My name is Kyle, I recently moved to San Diego.  I grew up firearm hunting just about everything that was legal to kill in South Western Michigan.  Back home my sport of choice was muzzleloader deer. 

 I have been doing some prelim research about hunting here in SoCal, by the looks of it firearm deer will be D16 (probably next year), I am also interested in pig hunting.  I notice that many of the folks are tight lipped about exact locations to hunt, and that's understandable, but if somebody could point me in the right direction to some public lands I might be able to find some piggies I would appreciate it.  Also, does anybody know if Cali will honor my Michigan hunter's safety cert?

Thanks and good luck to all those currently out bow hunting.


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First and foremost, welcome

First and foremost, welcome to the site!  I am also a northeast transplant, from Vermont, to San Diego about 14 years ago.  The hunting out here is good, but it's quite different from what you and I are used too.

For deer, antelope, and Elk, you need to apply by June 2nd of every year for a draw.  However, the local zones down here do not all go during the lottery (except muzzleloader & doe permits) so you can buy them over the counter if you want.  The archery season is A-22, and goes from the first Saturday in September till Dec. 31st.  There is a break in the middle of October for that, which is when the D16 (Buck) and G13 (Doe) rifle seasons are.  Those go for about 5 weeks until mid-November. Finally, M6 is the muzzleloader season, which is about 2 weeks in December, and is either sex.  Only about 80 tags for that, but about a 95% chance at getting drawn.

There are lots of deer around, but lots are on private property.  The public land holds decent deer, but even more hunters.  Guys that are willing to invest more time scouting, and walking back off the roads will be more successful and avoid most of the hunters.  For public areas, look at the Cleveland National Forest.  It's huge, so there is room to spread out.  Get a map at one of the ranger offices and jump in.

As for pig in San Diego, they are few and far between right now.  Yes, there ae some seen and shot on a very rare occasion, but for now, they are located on either private property, or terrain that no living human being dares venture into.  The rest of the state is better suited for pig hunting, especially the mid-central coast area.  Again, lots on private property.  You will pay anywhere from $400 and up for access there.  I am going to hunt a 275,000 acre property just north of LA in December.  It's cost me $450 for 2 days of hunting, but that's a pretty good deal, considering this is one of the best places to hunt down in the south part of the state.

Anyway, I could go on and on.  We also have dove and pheasant hunting here, some mixed waterfowl, and good quail numbers. Feel free to contact me for any info you may need or questions you may have.  And yes, they will honor your Michigan certificate.  Just present it if asked when you buy a license.  If you get one at a local sporting good store, they may not even ask for one.

Good luck!


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