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New Rifle - Update

That is a good looking rifle. Hope your going to use it. I've seen guys get really nice rifles like that and then not use them for fear of dinging them up. I was in Huntingtons in Oroville, Cal years ago and they had a ton of customs in glass cases that had belonged to famous writters. Most had been used a lot from the looks of the wear on them.

I have a Paul Jaeger built 03-A3 made in about 1945. Love the thing and shoot it quite a bit but seldom hunt with it. Just not a big fan of the 30-06. rifle is worth to much to re-barrel it. Wanted to re-bore it to 338-06 and still might but hard to find people that do that. Found a guy in Pendleton, Ore but to much wait to suit me. Gonna go shoot something with it someday just to say I did.

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New Rifle - Update

I have two hopes - one that I draw an antelope tag and two that if I do, that the rifle gets here in time to take it with me.

I debated on a synthetic stock vs the wood because of hunting, but I just love the look of wood. I plan to hunt with the rifle quite a bit and to punch paper too.