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new reloading equipment

i reloaded yrs ago, but sold all my stuff in a yrd sale. about 8 yrs ago, i was working 3 jobs and had no time to take care of it. my wife bought me a nice set and being in commiunist california. not sure if i should just get a refund on it and buy bullets for my rifle and hand guns. i heard that the government is trying to outlaw ammo and reloading aswell so i dont know what to do any suggestions thx robert Brick Wall,)

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new reloading equipment

Have your XMas dinner and forget about it, not going to happen, and I live in Canada, and if I'm not concerned, I don't think any of our American friends should be either. Too many people depend on shooing/hunting/ reloading, guiding etc right down to the little gas station in the small country village.
Enjoy you XMAS Thumbs up

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They'll try it eventually.


But not soon.

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Boy is it nice to see one of

Boy is it nice to see one of Greg's post's. Thanks for pulling that old thing up! This is where Greg would ask me if I was calling him an old thing! Boy I still miss that guy.

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