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New Puppy

Just got a 9 week old Catahoula leopard dog. She is a beauty! I am planning on training her to be a  a bird dog and hog hunter. I have and will be working her on obeidiance training till she has all her shots then we will be going out side to the dog parks for socializing and such. So if there is any one else in the area who wants to meet up and train theire pups or help me out that would be awsome. I am in San Diego. and if you are not in the area feel free to send me some tips! I know the city or county just opened a dog park for training bird dogs not sure where it was but i will be there soon!! hope to here from you guys!

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Congratulations! I aspire to


I aspire to be the person my dogs think I am.

I'm familiar with Catahoulas as a working cow dog breed and never heard of them being used as a bird dog. That's not to say they aren't I just know they possess many fine traits for locating and holding cattle in thick brush.

Keep us posted on your pups progress as I'm sure I'm not the only one interested.


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Yes I was told that my dog

Yes I was told that my dog comes from a line of herding catahoulas. Her mother is working to be a Search and rescue dog. There are alot of catahoulas used for hog hunting in the south. I have done some reading and the only problem i will have with her retriving birds is that she might have issues crushing th bird. To resolve this I read that if you put 2 scrub brushes together they wont want to bight the bristhles. We shal see I have had her 4 days and she sits, comes and is almost house broken

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Very nice!  Just don't scare

Very nice!  Just don't scare all the hogs out of San Diego, I still need one.... Wink

I am headed out with my bow on Saturday for my A-22 tag.  i will be in an area where I have seen some pig sign, so I wouldn't mind running into one of those either.

Good luck wity the dog!  Have to train him in the off season, then break him in on doves in September!

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