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New product for archery practice

Hello BGH members,

I'd like to get your opinions on my product that I want to cross-market to bow hunters and shooters.

I designed the PDR for golfers to be able to set up a practice range for golf shots, but realized that there might be a benefit to other outdoor sports.

My product is used to measure yardage and has a clamping system to hold items. I believe my product would improve practice because you can mark off exact distances you want to practice and the PDR can also hold arrows for easy access.

A simple carrying container can be made to carry items you might need while practicing. I made one over the weekend to carry some weights just to see how stable it was. It was very easy to roll and the weights were around 30lbs. I believe it could easily hold 50 lbs or more with no problem.

I would probably brace it with another wheel upfront and a support back to the crate. This would make it much more stable and very easy to use.

Please feel free to write me at to give me your thoughts on my idea.

Thanks for your time.

Mark Towne

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