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New to the PNW

Ive just moved to Stanwood WA and am interested in any info anyone has about where I can bow hunt localy? Any intel would greatly apprecianted.

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I bow hunted from around

I bow hunted from around 1991-2005, always up by Quartz Pass/Lofton Resevour, about 10 miles east of Bly Oregon. Gotten a number of deer there over the years. The population seems to be dropping the last few years, but I've always loved that area. Silver Lake is nice to, Rifle hunted there in 2008 and got a nice fork. Don't do much serious hunting on the west side.

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There's a lot of public land

There's a lot of public land and gated private timber (hike or bike in only) up the Skagit. We did lot of deer hunting up there while in College at WWU. Lot of deer, we never saw anything huge though. We were lazy and focused on clearcuts with a little more effort you might have better success that we did, two deer in four years between two hunters. 

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