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New Outdoor Show

This one is definetely different...  http://animalhouseoutdoors.com/

I think it's a joke and total mockery of our sport. Reminds me of that Jackass show and movies. Personally I don't think it belongs in the line up on the Sportsmans Channel.


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I saw part of one this

I saw part of one this weekend about hog hunting and I turned it off. I have to agree it was more like a bunch of morons trying to be funny than anything remotely serious about hunting. I was disappointed for sure and will not watch again. If this is the new image of hunting or new tradition, we are all in a lot of trouble.

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There is one on the outdoor

There is one on the outdoor channel, forget the name but has Big Bill in it. Cant stand that show and this one is just more of the same and more. These guys that are getting these showes put togather have no reasion out in the field with a weapon because I dought that any of them could pass the hunters safty course.

Don't get me wrong I'v cought myself not being safe out in the field, but I dont do it on purpose and I will allways try to learn my mistakes not do them again cause I think it might be funny. banghead

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hunting shows

I really miss shows like Whistling Wings, Fall Flight, and Hunting with Hank.  To me shows like those were more about actual "hunting" as opposed to just being mostly advertising or horsing around.

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I used to love Hunting with

I used to love Hunting with Hank.  Great show......

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Ca_Vermonster wrote:

I used to love Hunting with Hank.  Great show......

It was a great show.  Hank had passed away a quite a few years ago, but Dez continued a similar show for a while with Hanks offspring.  Too bad his shows don't air anymore.  They were the type of show that was about upland hunting where the adverstizing of sponsors was done only at the opening and closing credits with no brand name dropping throughout the show like you see with many outdoor shows today.  I swear some of these new shows hosts must get $$$ everytime they drop the sponsors name (usually about 100 times) during the show. Personally I get tired of watching these canned hunts for whitetails done from a treestand over a feeder or over a baited field.  I'd like to see more actual fair chase hunts myself.

I'm really taking to a few newer shows scalles The MeatEater, On Your Own Adventure, and Dropped: Project Alaska. They seem to be about fair chase hunting without a lot of brand name dropping during the actual show.  Don't get me wrong, I fully understand marketing and adverstising, but with some shows it's just way too much overkill, seems to be less about hunting and more about products.