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New optic gear

Hey, I got a new optic for hunting, For close and fast shooting situations, red dot scope with 2x magnification, adjustable color and brightness, windage and elevation adjustments, wide field of view, shock and recoil proof, fully coated lenses, fog and water proof, flip lens cap.

Any comments?

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New optic gear

Welcom to BGH. Cool scope. What type of shooting are you planning on doing? Hunting? Match competition?

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New optic gear

I'm a patrol rifle instructor and have seen a lot of crap red dots. Take some sound advise and pay for quality. Aimpoint, EoTec are rock solid. The Aimpoints have like a 3 year run time. Most my guys just turn em on and leave em on. I've seen the cheaper dots crap out, turn off, or get shaken to death. Like any opic you get what you pay for. While I realize your not patroling the streets or on a mission in Bagdad the last thing you want is your optics to crap out on a game animal.

Best of luck.

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