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New to Night Hog Hunting

Hi All,

I'm a newbie to hogs, but I'm looking to change that. Normally hunt deer, but I want to expand my horizons. I live in KY, but I have some time off work in July and I would like to go on a road trip to hog country.

I've invested in a Gen2+ for the AR and I have a thermal scout scope. I'd really like to go on a night hunt and I'd be willing to share equipment/toys. I don't have any private land connections down south and that seems to be the main requirement for night hunting. Let me know if any of ya'll are free sometime and I'd love to bust some hogs with you.

PM me if you're interested. Looking at July 1-9 or 15-18 time frame.

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Welcome to BGH cbeav.
Pull up a chair and tell us some hunting stories!!

I don't do much Hog hunting anymore. I'll kill everyone I see on our hunting property but I wont specificlly go after them. There aren't many here and I like it that way.  LOL

You could check around the web for places in Alabam where the farmers are having problems with them. Most areas in Florida will charge you for hunting them whereas other places will be grateful to you for offering to take a few of them out. They are very damaging in agricultural areas.

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Hog Light

If you are allowed to feed in KY or whereever you are going to hunt. I would recommend the hog light that mounts under the feeder. I use it at my place. You can find one at here for like $20 bucks. 


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