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New to NH

I just moved to NH after being stationed overseas for the last 12 years and looking to pick up hunting again. I was looking at topo's of the areas just north of Rumney NH and was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of the area or could provide any advice about it. I plan on scouting it out starting in the early spring. Being new to the area though I'm kinda just taking a shot in the dark and picking a place to start from. I am in the process of joining a local fish and game club in the hopes that I can learn something from the more experience hunters and just kick back and relax with other outdoorsmen. Any advice that can be provided about hunting NH would be greatly welcomed.

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Re: New to NH

Welcome to the forum and welcome home.
Don't know the area you are talking about but sounds like you are on the right track joining the F&G club.
Luck to ya.

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