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New Mossberg Centerfire Rifle

Does anybody have any experience with this rifle? I'm considering buying one and don't know anybody who's owned or shot one. According to the reviews, it's suppose to be a pretty good rifle, but I'd prefer the opinion of an "average joe" versus someone who gets paid to review new products. Thanks in advance!

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New Mossberg Centerfire Rifle

Hey AFHunter I don't have any expierence with the new Mossberg but I have a 1967 Model 800C bolt action 22-250 that my dad had bought new and than gave it to me when I was 14. It still shoots very well. I also have an old Mossberg bolt action 20 gauge that I got from my grandfather also a very excellent gun. I hope they still make them as well as mine.

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New Mossberg Centerfire Rifle

The new mossbergs are ok guns. The fit and finish is what you would expect from a sub-$300 gun. Not great, nor is the accuracy. However they are just fine for hunting where you won't be shooting more than a few hundred yards (~200).

I'm not sure about the longevity, but its hard to screw up a bolt action.

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New Mossberg Centerfire Rifle

I have neither owned nor shot one, but what I'm going to say applies to all of the bottom rung new rifles.
Guns are considered "durable goods", unlike cars. Consider a gun more like a farm implement(plow, discs, harrows, etc). There are only a few moving parts all of which can be repaired or replaced. The durability of both reflects initial quality and the care with which they are treated.
Of course you can consider this a short term purchase of a disposable item, with intent to upgrade, but I'd suggest looking at high quality used firearms. The vast majority of used hunting rifles have been neither shot nor carried much.
A new gun's purchase price is greatly affected by the quality of it's parts, complexity and the tolerances with which they are put together, and to a degree the name stamped on them, which in turn is a reflection of reputation. No doubt tolerances are much better now than 30 years ago, but I would rather own a 30 year old $400 gun than new $400 gun .
At this stage in the game, it may not matter to you that bottom rung Remington
(like the 710, 770, etc), Mossberg, Marlin, Savages(like the Stevens), etc depreciate in value at a much higher rate than Winchesters, Remington 7s and 700s, Ruger 77s, Sakos, Weatherbys, etc.
If you're looking in that price range, I'd lean towards the Savages, and Howa 1500/Weatherby Vangaurd or if you can still score a Remington 700 at your local WalMart. I bought all of my WalMart's700 ADLs for $300 each last summer when they were being cleared out.
Consider how many gun designs are still in use after 100 years. Mauser 98s were originally designed in 1898 not 1998, and it's basic architecture dates before 1890( In case you didn't know nearly all bolt action rifles owe their design to this old warhorse). Winchester and Marlin lever actions basic design has hardly changed.
My point is that bottom rung models come and go quickly, but the truly significant middle and upper range designs will live longer than you, your son and his son will if they receive a modicum of care. There will always be parts and working knowledge for the important designs, but who knows what kind of support will be available for the bottom end?
Obviously, you'll know the history of your firearm if you buy it new, but most of the history of a used gun can be surmised from it's condition. So either buy a high quality mid or greater priced new gun or a high quality, high condition used gun.
That's my $.02

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New Mossberg Centerfire Rifle

I worked up a load for a new Mossberg in .270 just last month, It wasn't the least bit finicky, and puts 130 gr. Barnes TTSX's in a 5/8s cluster with boring regularity! the trigger was pretty nasty, but im spoiled with really nice triggers, over all, its not a bad piece , I agree with the notion that you get what you pay for...most of the time. My dad left me with a plain jane savage that he bought in the late 70's, this 7mm. mag shoots more like a high grade target rifle than the 187.00 hunter that it is! I have messed with more than one Weat***** rifle that wouldnt shoot consistently into the bottom of a coffee can, not knocking those guns either, just saying that 1000.00 doesnt always get you what you expect .

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mossberg centerfire

I bought a 810 a in 30-06 in 1970 for 125.00 with a 3-9 weaver scope. At the same time I bought 1000 rounds of surplus 1953 ammo. I have 200 cases left as I discard them when they split. some have been reloaded 12 times. the gun still shoots moa with 168 g boattails pushed with 45 g of 4895.  My a bolt shoots better but is no more dependable.

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