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New Mexico Unit 17 Mule Deer

We got drawn for a muzzle loader hunt in unit 17 New Mexico. We never hunted unit 17. Does anyone have any advise?

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Re: New Mexico Unit 17 Mule Deer

I am in the same boat, we drew the second ml elk in 17 and would be open for any advice of the unit as well.

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Re: New Mexico Unit 17 Mule Deer

I hunted 17 last year on the 3rd archery hunt bulls were still up high, with water everywhere it was hard to sit on water holes rained some everyday but the last 2, Bulls were very quiet all through the hunt only heard 2 bugles 2 360 class bulls spotted and 1 340 got close enough to my buddy's but they were pinned down by a cow at 8 yards, never got a shot, did see a few deer but not many we scouted in july and drove up the water canyon side and saw more deer their than on the west side, 3 bucks from top to midway down, rough country, but the game is there, hope it helps.

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You shouldn't have too much

You shouldn't have too much trouble finding Muley's in 17.  THey are pretty widespread.  The only problem may be getting to them.  This unit is extremely steeper than a lot of the other units I have been in in New Mexico.  You might want to try the area near the Apache Kid Campground.  There is few elk on this side of the range but I have seen a ton of good sized deer running around.  Good luck hunting.

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Thanks for the information. 

Thanks for the information.  It will help in trying to narrow down the parts of 17 we want to try to hunt.  Based on the information that we've gotten, it seems like the San Mateo Mountains are probably a little better than the Magdalena.  Any thoughts other?  Did y'all multiple areas within the 17?

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Unit 23-Muley Hunt

Hello fellas,

          I am in desperate need of some advice!! I have gotten a deer tag for unit 23. This will be the first year that I have been hunting since my grandpa passed away. I am a college student in Oklahoma. I am from ABQ and will be hunting over my Christmas break. I am a little nervous to hunt a new area...I was hoping for some advice if you can help at all i would appreciate it! I will be going with my older brother. We have never hunted muleys south and would appreciate any help we can get. this hunt is near lordsburg. Thanks again for the help guys. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. You can also email me at jrivera01@my.macu.edu


                                  Thanks again!

                                              Justin Rivera

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Justin, welcome.  while I

Justin, welcome.  while I can't help you out with your question, i will suggest that you start a new topic to ask your question so it gets a fresh look. 

Good luck.

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