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Re: New Mexico Releases Wolf in Gila Wilderness

Look guys, this is going to be done. I have actually seen wolves in NM 15 during an Elk Hunt and they screwed things up royally. I also hunt in the Dillon MT area. If you want to see what wolves will do to elk hunting, take a trip there. Once the wolves are present the greenies will file so many legal actions to keep them listed as endangered they will eventually become a very real problem. Take a look at the March 2010 Field and Stream. There is a very good article there to ponder. There was also a young lady killed in AK just last week by a pack of wolves while she was out jogging.

Hearing the wolves in NM hunt the coyotes was interesting but hearing them sniffing around your camp is not. Hearing them howl just as shooting light begins to stampede the herd stinks. But worst of all is the incredible bone yard that used to be great Elk Country I've hunted in MT.

They have a saying in MT when it comes to wolves. SSS... Shoot, Shovel, and Shut-up. Kind of has a nice ring to it.

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