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New Mexico Private Ranch Elk Hunts

Howdy Guys, My Uncle just recently informed me that he still has his elk hunts available for this fall.  He has 2 bull tags and 3 cow tags available and may be able to get another bull tag if needed.  This ranch has about 4000 acres in New Mexico with several elk grazing the irrigated alfalfa fields every evening.  The total cost of the hunts are $1750 + tag ($555) and $2500 trophy fee if you shoot a bull.  Cow hunts are $1000 + tag ($345).  These hunts include lodging on the ranch and all meals (cooked by me).  We would prefer to start hunting on Oct 1 before the neighbors start hunting.  E-mail me or call me for more information.  My cell # is (816)449-0476 e-mail is

The first picture is of a bull that came out on the field after last years hunters left without even trying for the elk (too bad the digital camera wouldn't focus in the headlights).  They were only interested in the deer.  There are plenty of elk and I expect to be able to fill all tags.  The other pictures are of the ranch.

Elk @ Freddies.JPG
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