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New Mexico Oryx Hunt

I have drawn a tag for a New Mexico Oryx hunt on the White Sands Missille Range in February, 2012. I have a Remington 700 BDL .270 with which I am very comfortable. I intend to use 150 gr Swift A Frame bullets loaded to about 2700+ fps. My gun consistently shoots 1 in. hundred yard groups, and this load, sighted in 2 inches high at 100 yards shoots abut 4 inches low at 300 yards. Official information from the WSMR advises .30 caliber or larger. I know this load is quite adequate for elk, but they say the Oryx is tougher to bring down. Can anybody give me any truly sound reason why I should not use the .270 I am comfortable with for this hunt?

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Very cool Doc!  No info on

Very cool Doc!  No info on that, just wanted to say Congrats!  Couple of guys on here have hunted them, so you should get a reply.

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I would think an

I would think an ultra premium bullet in .270 would be just fine, but I've never hunted them.

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I have hunted them 2

I have hunted them 2 different times on the range.  which hunt did you get.  i can give you some ideas of where to start.  The 270 with 150gr bullet is fine.  Plan for shots out to 300-400 yards in some cases. 

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