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New Mexico options

new to the site but not elk hunting. I have the chance to hunt unit 15 or unit 34 in NM. I don't know to much about 34 (elk numbers, genetics). Everything else being equal except 34 is 5 hours closer where would you go. I am sitting here ready to flip a coin to make my choice. I've spoke to wardens in both areas both give good info on their units but can't compare it with the other. Need some help.

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Re: New Mexico options

According to my stats, 15 is significantly better. Much better bulls and better elk density. 34 has better success rates though.

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Re: New Mexico options

Hello and welcome to BGH. I'm not familiar with those specific units, but can tell you from reliable sources that New Mexico is a great place to hunt elk. New Mexico is just a great state to visit in general. I really like that state, reminds me of the way Colorado used to be when I was growing up, especially the Las Vegas area and to the west of Las vegas in the Santa Fe National Forest area around Hermit's Peak. I'm sure this isn't going to be a big help to your question, but I thought I'd mension it anyway. Big smile

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Re: New Mexico options

I've hunted 34 before for deer, elk and turkeys. Lots of everything upthere but lots of people aswell.

Lots of scouting and lots of walking should do the trick. Good luck! Thumbs up

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Re: New Mexico options

You gotta go to 15 it is a very tough unit to draw with great Bulls I hope to draw it SOMEDAY 34 is great but i firmly belive 15 is the top shelf when it comes to trophy bulls and a lot less pressure, where are you coming from i would not think 15 is that much further than 34?

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unit 21a nm

didnt draw this year, can buy landowner tag 21a any info wood be hhelpful

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You have a chance to hunt New

You have a chance to hunt New Mexico for mature bulls so your in a win/win situation. With that being said I'd go for Unit 15. Hike far and hunt hard and share the trophey pictures with us after you down him.

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