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New Mexico muzzleloader advice

I'm planning on putting in for a muzzleloader elk tag in west N.M and was wondering if it's better to go with the 1 thru 10 or 11 thru 15th this is the seasons where I'm putting in for basicly 16s and 15 any help will be appreciated

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Re: New Mexico muzzleloader advice

Is this a Land owner tag cause there is no hunt in the SW part on NM for elk with a muzzle loader.
OCT 16-20
OCT 23-27
Nov 20-24

If it is a Land owner tag you can hunt the private deeded ac Ranch only tags in unit 12 and maybe unit 15 any five consecutive days from oct 1 - Dec 31. If I can help let me know I will give you all the info I can

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