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new mexico muzzel loader elk hunt unit 16e and unit 17 info wanted

I have a oct. 20 to the 24th muzzel loader elk hunt in new mexico unit 17 and have not been able to scout the unit at all. would like to know if anyone has any tips on the unit and areas within the unit to hunt for a decent bull.

My wife has a oct. 13 to the 17th muzzel loader elk hunt in new mexico unit 16e, and would like to see if anyone has any info on the best areas to hunt , been scouting pelona mountain, but would love to explore other options.

Thanks, Brian

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I hunted 16e with a buddy a few years ago and we took a bull on that westernmost BLM wilderness mountain (can't remember the name-but there's only three major mountain in the unit).  Also saw a nice 5x5 on that more open, middle mountain.

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I hunted in 17about 3 years

I hunted in 17about 3 years ago. I didn't see a lot of elk but we did have several chances. I would start around monicas cabin on the north end and the canyon that the road goes down can't remember the name. There is some big country in that unit & we did see elk every day.

Good luck 


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unit 17

thanks for the reply , gives me a place to start. I see theres two campgrounds in the area. do you remember if there is room for a large trailer for camping around the campgrounds or off fr 168

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