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New Mexico Fall Black Bear

The "Land of Enchantment" has been harvesting some of the largest black bears in the country. In a recent interview, one of Outdoor Connection's big game outfitters in New Mexico, had this to say about the trophy potential of bears in his area:

"We have some of the best trophy potential in the country right here in Northern New Mexico. We target big bears right here on our 85,000 acre private ranch and the adjacent wilderness areas. These bears are mature and well fed from eating our elk calves plus all the other forage available. We have taken bears that weighed over 450lbs and one monster that topped the scales at 600lbs. The hunter should have the opportunity at a bear around the 300 pound mark. There are also all variation of color phases from jet black to cinnamon, red, blond and all variations between. If hunting with hounds sounds exciting, we have a well trained pack of hounds that can be released to run a trophy black bear. Hound hunts as primary hunts are conducted in August, September and parts of November. This is an exciting hunting opportunity that requires the hunter to be physical fit as we use 4WD vehicles, quads and foot to race among the pack to eventual baying of the bruin. We have a huge area to hunt and I only take 5 bear hunters out a season so hunting pressure is kept to a minimum which allows each hunter a great opportunity at a true trophy."

If you're after an adrenaline rush, heart pounding experience this hunt is a must. You will traverse scenic and sometimes difficult terrain following the hounds in pursuit of that big bruin. You should come prepared for all types of weather conditions, since Fall in New Mexico can be sunny one minute and snowing the next.

This hunt includes; license, guides, hounds, transportation during the hunt, meals and lodging at local hotels dependent on area hunted.

The cost of this hunt is $3000. Contact me soon for more details, so we can book your bear hunt before the open slots are full!

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