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New Mexico elk, unit 9

I drew a first season archery elk tag in unit 9 in New Mexico.  I was just wondering if anyone would give me some tips on where to start?  Wondering about the sizes of the bulls, and the population in Unit 9.  Should I expect to hear some bugling?  The weather in Sept...I'm assuming hot during the day, but how cold does it get at night?


I was also wondering about the bear population, as I understand it, I can buy a bear tag over the counter.  If there is a high number of bear in the area I would buy a tag.  If not, then I wont.

Any info and tips would be GREATLY appreciated!!


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Congrats on the New Mexico

Congrats on the New Mexico unit 9 elk tag.  Very nice to get out there in September, because you should have a good chance at hitting the rut.  That is when most of the first seasons are situated, to line up with that time, more or less.

I don't have any specific info on the unit, other than to say that it's apparantly one of the best units to draw, with some incredible bulls.  They say it's pretty hard to draw, so a big congrats to you!  I did find an old post in these forums from 2003, where one guy got a bull that netted 366.  That's a really big bull.

Good luck, and more importantly, welcome to the site.  Make sure to stick around and update us on your hunt, which will hopefully be a successful one!!!

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Unit 9 is a great unit to

Unit 9 is a great unit to hunt.  i have not hunted it but have seen some great bulls come out of there.  they should be bugling, but I wouldn't depend on calling one in opening day.  i would try and find some water holes.  I have had many guys tell me that it is a sleeper unit for the next state record.  i would head to the look out and start there. 

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