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New Mexico Black bear rules?????

I've hunted Black bear in New Mexico for may yrs, but always with dogs or spot and stalk! I know that baiting is illegal in NM, but what about sents, and mouth blown calling?

I have been seeing the Insense burning sticks said to attract bear, and the other thing is useing a scent dragg to form a scent trail, to lure them into an ambush. or is this considered baiting? What I'd like to know is, are these two things legal in New Mexico?

I now live in the D/FW area of Texas, and haven't hunted New Mexico in a few years. All the laws have changed drastically since I've hunted bear there, or anything else, for that matter! I used to live in El Paso, Texas, and hunted NM year round for Mountain lion with dogs before they were put on the books as game animals, and black bear in season. If you want to know how long ago that was the out of state license was $50.25, and covered deer, bear. elk, squirrel, and all non-game animals. Big smile You could hunt any place you wanted in the 36,000,000 acres of public land, plus with draw permits all the Military reservations. Think

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Scents illegal

using a scent is against the game laws in new mexico...as are electonic calling devices for bear, but one that uses your lung power to produce the noise is ok.  Good Luck!

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