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New Mexico Bear Hunts (with dogs)


NM  Arrowhead Outfitters


Hunters we are beginning to book for 2011 Fall black bear hunts. Thanks again for your interest.


5-Day Black Bear Hunt w/ Hounds


Hunts Available August 16th-31st & September 23rd- November 30th.


This is a 5-day just guided bear hunt, you provide your own food and lodging.


Total cost for hunt is 1,600.00. Not including tax and gratuities.  50% deposit required for your hunt and the remaining will be paid upon arrival of hunt.


License Fees/Tags

Resident $43         

Nonresident $260

Tag is over the counter, has to be bought at the latest 3 days prior.


The hunt will be conducted by the means of truck, and hiking with the use of well trained/bred bear hounds.


80% Success Rate for treeing a bear. Boars and Sows average 200lbs- 450lbs.


Your trophy will be skinned for you. But packing out of hide and meat is not included in price.


Call for more details


Justin Medina