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I'm not sure just how Utah's

I'm not sure just how Utah's CWMU units are but it sounds a lot like Colorado's RFW ones.  I know that the outfitters are crying fowl but if they want the number of tags that they get they need to open it up to other hunters in the draw.  The only thing that the ranches would have over public land is that you would have fewer hunters but when you tell a hunter where he can go hunt on the property then it isn't right.  I looked into a couple of Colorado's RFW hunts and they claim that all the hunters draw their area at the check in.  But it didn't say weather it was all the hunters or just the ones that are not paying. 

If you go to the Colorado DOW's web site you can look up the ranches and see just what their rules are and as you said about some in Utah sound like the same rules. 

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At least the New Mexico

At least the New Mexico booklet we are looking at says right in it that if you draw that tag the ranch you are assigned to has to give you the full run of the entire place.

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