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New Mexico Antelope Hunting
If you want to hunt antelope this year I got a great deal, I just picked  another antelope ranch. I have 4 private land hunts in Unit 31 with some good antelope on it.
This will be a just guided hunt, you provide food, lodging and fuel during hunt.

Cost is 1,800.00 for 1 person booking
1,700.00 for 2 persons booking
1,600.00 for 3 persons booking
1,500.00 for 4 persons booking

All hunts are 2x1.

All you need is a Antelope license which is $260.00.

Let me know if you are interested in right away as these hunts usually go fast.

Hunts Datesr Sept 22-24 (Any Weapon) and August 13-21 (Archery)

I also have a ranch in 41 with 2 spots open August 27-29.
Go to website for pics.

Justin Medina