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New Mexico 2B late Rifle hunt

Hey everyone, I drew the 3rd season mule deer tag for 2B. I am form Indiana and would like to go unguided but would consider outfitted if needed. 

Do I need an outfitter? Recommendations?

Areas to focus on?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Quietman1





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good luck

Tough odds in drawing that tag, congrats.  What you really need is snow in Colorado to get them big bucks down.  Don't let all the road hunters discourage you, get out and walk.  the area has a ton of roads but many are locked and only accessible to the well workers.  I hunted it in 2009 for archery and saw tons of deer but that is typical for January since the area winters a lot of deer.

Good luck.   

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Congrats on drawing. I don't

Congrats on drawing. I don't think you should need an outfitter just ask guys on here who have hunted it like was said get way off the road and walk there are some really good bucks in that area and if you work hard enough you should have no problem taking some meat home.