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new mexico 2013 draw

Well it's that time of year again.. The real question is where do I want to hunt? I've had success over the past few years for elk, but deer I just can't seem to locate. 2012 was my last chance for any youth hunts so now I have to put in with all the "old" guys Duh the only place I seem to see large quantities of deer are in the 2 units... but I would probably have a better chance of winning the lottery then drawing in the 2 units. any suggestions on where I can find good numbers of deer? I'm a meat hunter so I'm not particularly looking for trophy bucks.

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I would stick to cow elk for

I would stick to cow elk for meat hunt. There just aren't many deer in NM anymore,anywhere. They need to cut the tags in half or close some units completely for a few years IMHO.

I saw a herd of about 25 deer,10 bucks, in my draw unit scouting,and couldn't find one during hunt. I think they where poached out. I did see lots of elk tho.....and would rather eat elk than deer,tho I like it too.

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I agree with Henry on the

I agree with Henry on the deer, I think down here in the sand there were less hunters back when it was over the counter than now and there are way less deer than now.

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