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Yeah i know , first season doing this and didnt plan on filling only one tag out of three in upstate during rifle season. I didnt think id realy get much considering 11 dgrees tuesday morning and rain and crap most of the day on wed. along with a short time frame ... had to be out by 3 pm Not knowing the area isnt good either. Going away for the weekend but going out for one last day on monday before upstate for new years . just basicaly looked for tracks those 2 days in hope for better places to sit. not alot of fresh tracks . a day or two old. snow is all gone now. and wont get a chance to hit the shotgun season this year . Any tips might be helpfull for my last ditch effort. Thanks happy newyear.

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Welcome Cast n Blast, I am a native adirondacker, now retired and living in vermont in winters, much less winter here than back home, and summers in southern utah.

hamilton377 wrote:
I am from New York as well. My hometown is a little farm town near Lake George, New York. I am currently a student at Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York and am wondering if anybody is from/familar with the area and knows of any decent locations to hunt.

Good to see another "Workman that needeth not be ashamed". Clarkson, class of '71.

Don't live in the PIT do you? LOL. I did , Powers second floor 206 my freshman AND sophmore year, they hadnt built the dorms on the hill yet, then the last year I was there my fiance and i lived in woodstock.

there are fantastic places to hunt, I was bron and raised a little over an hour from Clarkson, Saranac Inn, which is not a town anymore, part of Santa Clara now.

All throughout Canton there are tons of farm fields, public and private lands and great deer, turkey, waterfowl, hare and grouse hunting.

Do you have a car or a buddy with a car? Get directions to the Clarkson ski slope, it's right by the Clarkson U. Skeet Fields and Rifle Range ( the long range outdoor one, not the Indoor range ).
there is good upland cover and hare hunting right around the skeet fields and rifle range, also, if you do not have a car case up your gun til off campus and take the trail from campus down to the fields that are on Bagdad Road, there is a big swamp between Bagdad Rd and the railroad line ( I bet the damn thing still wakes everyone up at 3 am), there is a big powerline that runs from teh tracks to the RR and that line will get you into the swamp pretty dry.

If you have a car or a buddy with one, pack a shovel and head out to any of the state forests near Parishville. there are at least 4 within a half hour of campus, all good hunting.
If I make it home for the gunshows I can look you up, and show you around, but its more fun if you find the places yourself with your buddies.

Do you still have to lock your guns up in teh safes at the Dean's office every night? Pain in the BUTT...you never could get going until they opened the door at 7am...

Hey, word of advice, for a gym credit if you aren't already on the rifle team, sign up for rifle shooting , and really BEG the Drill Instructor to teach you to shoot well enough to try out for the Rifle Team. You won't be sorry!
Go Knights!

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Another New Yorker here

I'm not far from Lake George myself.  Btw - if you are interested in seeing some of teh flooding from Irene around Lake George give me a shout and I can email those pictures to you.  I don't know if there are any other New Yorkers here regularly besides ADK Bear and myself but maybe a reply on this thread will bring a few to light.  If you are new here - Welcome to Big Game Hunt  - you are going to like it!.  There are new hunters and experienced folks here and everyone in between.  The one thing in common is willingness to help each other.  So join in and share your successes and failures wth us and maybe we'll learn some things from each other and have some fun along the way - Mike  Thumbs up

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