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New member love the site

Drew unit 3 antelope tag any information appreciated.


Thank You in advance

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You might want to list where

You might want to list where you drew the tags in since antelope are present in quite a few states, so state and unit number and hunt, archery, muzzleloader, or rifle.  Then we might be able to get you going somewhere. 

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colorado unit 3 rifle diy

sorry, not very good with computer. drew colorado unit 3 rifle tag. planning diy hunt on public land will only be able to scout for 3 days prior to opening.

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Good area for a goat tag. 

Good area for a goat tag.  All I can tell you is watch were you are the landowners patrol their land and will call the sherriff if you tresspass without permission.



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Welocome toBGH, congrats on

Welocome toBGH, congrats on the tag, good luck, keep us updated on your hunt.

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co #3 antelope

If after scouting for 3 days you locate a very nice buck try to nail him asap as they will get moved around fast the first days. But if they are all pretty much the same size then take your time and enjoy the hunt. Getting a buck in unit 3 is not a problem ,its not if but when so take your time. speed goats are more fun to watch then shoot.But have a cooler ready with some frozen milk jugs and get that antelope skined and in it fast, warm temps and no shade they don't last long.Don't forget tire chains maybe for all 4 ,if it rains the roads up there get slick beyond belief. Have fun and be safe !! 

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www.huntdata.com and the NDIS

www.huntdata.com and the NDIS Map it! link on the CDOW website are the most useful things I have found. I drew a CO muzzleloader tag that includes unit 3. That is where we will be hunting because their is more public land than the other areas included in my tag. From what I understand the Northern border of unit 3 (stateline) borders the best units in WY. You may want to consider heading farther North and the major water source is the little snake river.

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