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new member here !

Hey guys ! Hello

I had my first hunting experience couple weeks ago and i decided to join this forum
too learn more about this wonderfull sport ! I am only hunting rabbit and little animal like that for now.I used a *carabine de chasse* standard, nothing too powerful.(sorry i dont know the word in english)

Excep trying to hunt haha, i like to do extreme sport ( Nothing to do with hunting at all
lol) , skateboard,snowboard,wakeboard !

I think that all for now, feel free to give me any tips about hunting (like what is the most exiting type of hunt or what equipment i really need , stuff like that) in MP or in this thread !

Cya later guys ! Thumbs up

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Welcome! This is a great


This is a great place and I think you will find many helpful and knowledgable folks here that are willing to share their knowledge.

Enjoy your time hunting and come back often. I'm just curious as to what country you are hunting in and what other game species you have to hunt. Even if we don't hunt in the same country, or the same animals, and the terrain may be different, there are always little tidbits of information that we all can share that may help each other in a particular situation.

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  And another Welcome to


And another Welcome to BGH!  You have come to the right spot for all kinds of hunting information... and a lot of advice.  There are a lot of great hunters here with a great deal of information to assist you in being a more successful hunter.

I have to follow with Biker - where are you hunting?  Rabbit hunting is a great start to this great sport.  Are you jump shooting the rabbits or are you using a hound dog?  Personally I use a 20 guage with #6 shot and a full choke to do my rabbit hunting - mostly for cottontails... and with a beagle.  However, I have been using my 12 guage with #6 shot for jump-shooting the jack-rabbits we have here in eastern Colorado.  They are much faster on the ground than the cottontails from what I was used to back in Ohio.  Looking forward to your hunting stories - and pictures!




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I'm trying to figure out where you are too. "That carabine de chasse". Sounds Spanish but I don't know. You have any photo's of where you live? Like photo's. Had a guy from England years ago on one of these sites put up photo's of the country and different animals they have there. It was really intresting.

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  I think it is french for


I think it is french for hunting rifle... at least what found on the internet.  Curious as to where he hunts.



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