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New to Maryland looking for a hunting buddy.

Hey everyone I'm new to the area and was wondering if their was anyone around looking for a hunting buddy. I live in California MD, and would like to meet people for hunting or fishing in the ST. Mary's area. I like surf fishing, duck/goose hunting as well as small game and deer. Even if you don't need a new hunting buddy I would also like someone to talk to about hunting in the area in general. Any help would be greatly appriceated.

Rey Evil!

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New to Maryland looking for a hunting buddy.

Welcome to the sight. MD is a bit out of my everyday hunting grounds. Spend some time here and see what the site has to offer. You may pick up a buddy?

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New to Maryland looking for a hunting buddy.

I hunted down your way once . Port Tobacco there are big bucks down there. 170+ Hunted snow geese above the eastern shore this Jan It was a blast. Tuscarora outfitters ( i'm sure there are also a couple of other good outfitters) put us out in the middle of a big field in white tyvec suits. Saw thousands of geese . Got our limit and good eatin too. (I thought they were much better than Canadas)

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Maryland Hunting

rey, I love to hunt more than anything, well maybe not more than anything you get the picture. It is a shame we live in opposite directions. I lve in Delawawre but hunt the eastern shore (Worchester County) as well as in Delaware. When you eat those Deer in your area do you feel like you are chewing tobbaco? LOL. Well sorry we can't hook up. LOUIE

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Live in Southern MD too

Hey, new member, just found this forum.

I live right over the bridge in Lusby, maybe 10 minutes from you. I hunt mostly small game with my two bird dogs, but when firearm season on deer opens up, I'm there. Just getting back into hunting after a year hiatus. Before that, I hunted mainly in VA. Sticking closer to home now, and getting the feel of things. There are quite a few places around, only just started checking them out.

Anyhow, I too am looking for a hunting buddy.

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