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new to idaho unit 27/ new to this forum

HELLO YA ALL! Greetings from mississippi, first time on this forum. read some of the post and really enjoyed the commentary. I have hunted utah my entire life for big game elk and deer. however utah i have seen over the last couple years Utah become more arrogant with the way they treat non res hunters. so in 2007 i hunted unit 27 in the frank, my tag included black bear, elk , deer and i could sub one of the tags for a cougar if i so desired. poured over topos, gathered info and decided the sheldon peak area looked good, maybe showerbath springs. The fire wiped that option out, so we ended up over by loon creek, trail creek this was on the A tag for oct. we saw three bulls and were not able to get shots. we ended up with one cow and two bucks (not monsters just small 4 points.) In 2008 i have the unti 27 B tag witch allows me to hunt during the rut with a rifle for elk. we were not very familiar with the area this year, My question is : have any of you hunted way back in loon creek by horseshoe lake and what is it like. i am not asking for any honey holes, just some info so i do not waste my time going all the way back in and finding it is terrible. any info on the area is greatly appriciated. Dave PS idaho fish and game treats hunters with respect, hands down the best out their with the way they treat people.

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new to idaho unit 27/ new to this forum

welcome, i am new here too.

i don't think i am hunting idaho this year, just not the elk numbers i m looking for. when you get to be an old broken down man like me oyu'll need lotsa elk to get a tag filled. lol.

loon creek, been there once or twice, steep, holy crappin crap steep. east of loon creek there is a valley that was pretty and held elk, it's due north of crimson lake, its been a bit so dont hold me to it but i think we got in there by loon creek or lake road, to grouse road, at the corner we packed in loon creek and swung into the other valley no idea the name, it was not full of elk but you could glass forever, i am an elk newbie still after 20 years i would not say i know elk but i have found over that time that elk feed on NE slopes, steep stuff, 20 degree and more, probably because they are wetter and have more food, when its a hot year they are in the thickest dark stuff oyu can find on these slopes, esp if meadows are below them, this valley i am thinking of was like that, also if it is a cold year i see more elk on the southern sides of slopes, being a deep wide valley you can glass both of these slopes and some meadow areas. if you are set to go why not try there, that valley is a whole season just to glass it.

no idea what the fires did there, or the gps location, this was pre-gps .
good luck and have a ball.

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