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Well, i'll at least have to thank you for letting us know your final decision!! Most come, ask and never return. Even if it did take THREE YEARS............... THANKS!!!!!

I wish you the best of luck with your new hardware!!  Dancing

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I think you made a great

I think you made a great choice, you find the ammo it likes and you got a great set up:thumbsup1: 

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I went to the range last week

I went to the range last week and was shooting Federal 30-06 Spring Barnes® Triple-Shock® X Bullet® 165 grain. I ended up shooting a group at 100 yards somewhere between a 50 cent and a quarter. I had shot about 50 rounds and had only used a bore snake. I was just recently told that was not going to cut it as far as cleaning it. I cleaned it this week with some sweets and shooters choice. I will never make that mistake again. I plan on going an shooting it again with a week or 2 just to make sure I still have a good group with it.

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Same rifle, different name lol

Well I knew I had posted asking for help before I got my rifle and wouldn't you know it I couldn't find it cause it was under a different name lol. Well after so much time waiting for the chance to draw blood with it I ended up drawing blood 3 times within a week. Here is some pictures of a couple of the pigs I harvested.