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New to Hunting

Besides the minor hunting i did as a kid i am very new to hunting. My question is what is a good long rifle for me if i am new and want to hunt some larger game like Deer. Suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks in advance

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Welcome to BGH! A good long

Welcome to BGH!

A good long rifle. As in cartridge I assume. Lot's of good rifles out there and lot's of good cartridges. Generally I seldom ever recommend any 6mm for anything bigger than a coyote. Hunting cartridge's for me start at 25 cal. Most readily avaliable there would be the 25-06. But from the 25-06 on all seem to do very well. I don't care for bullet's much lighter than 120gr for big game, depending on the game. I don't really have a favorite round but have shot a lot of deer with an old 308 my som borrowed about 15 yrs ago! Don't hunt a whole lot any more but if I were going after deer today, I'd probably use my 6.5x55. I do have a 25-06 and it has killed a lot of deer. Every body seems to like the 7mm-08 very well but i've never used one. have shot quite a few deer with the 7x57 and they are a lot alike. Also used a 7mm Rem Mag on deer, for me, it's over kill. At this point in my life I no longer even own a magnum of any kind. I find them all un-necessary. Shot a deer with one of my 338 Win Mags a lot of years ago. About 60yd shot and I let it have it in the shoulder. Damn near cut the deer in half, blood flew everywhere. About as sead as any animal I've ever seen! That is what I would call overkill! 

If I were just getting started out today, I think I'd choose a cartridge based on the 308 case; that would be the 260 Rem, 7mm-08 or the 308. I left the 243 out on purpose. Anyhing it can do the other three will do better on big game.

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Don has it pretty well

Don has it pretty well covered.  If I was just starting out and wanted to purchase a big game rifle I do believe that it would be the 7mm-08 in a bolt action rifle.  You might also want to look at the old war horse .30-06, there isn't anything that that round hasn't killed in the world, ammo can be found just about anywhere and it isn't going anyplace in the future.  It can be loaded light or heavy and it is one cartrige that they got right way back in 1903 when it was first developed.

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Just about any rifle you liek will reach out beyond 150 yards. Depends on what you mean by "long range" beyond that.

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MrblutzIII wrote:
Besides the minor hunting i did as a kid i am very new to hunting. My question is what is a good long rifle for me if i am new and want to hunt some larger game like Deer. Suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks in advance

Having a bit more info, like where you will be hunting and at what ranges you'd expect to be shooting would be a big help. Generally speaking, if you are talking typical deer hunting with ranges of up to 200 yards or so there are a lot of rifles and calibers that will work very well. On the lighter end of the scale a .243 would be an excellent choice, especially if you might also want something for coyotes as an example.

The 25/06 was already mentioned (as were lots of others)and will work as well; .260, 6.5x55, 7/08, 7x57 as a few additional examples. Rifles in the .270, .308 and 30/06 class are also excellent choices, but do bring a bit more recoil to the table in similar rifles (IF that matters!). One more cartridge I'd like to be sure and mention is the venerable 30/30. It is as good as it gets for a rifle used out to 200 yards, when properly loaded, scoped and sighted. There haven't been over 12 million lever action carbines sold in this country because the 30-30 DIDN'T work, after all!

A lever action carbine in 30-30 is a joy to carry, light and short enough to seem like it belongs in hand while in the woods, hunting. Not a bad place to start and then perhaps add something with a touch more range and power as you become a more experienced hunter.

Best of Luck!

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