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New Hunter, tips on a gun

Some good discussion on rifles for hunting whitetails. Only one issue has been overlooked in this posting. The areas that AMY has indicated will be hunted are in the Souther Zone of New York State. Hunting (big game) with Shotgun/Muzzloader/Pistol and Bow only. No rifles.
I would elect a good 20ga slug gun in Pump or auto.

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New Hunter, tips on a gun

Aha! That's an excellent catch, and I agree with the recommendation. I'd add that the 20 ga would preferably have a rifled barrel. Also, depending on stature, Remington has a youth model 870 that's shorter and much more comfortable for smaller shooters.

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New Hunter, tips on a gun

I can offer a personal testimony on the youth model Rem.870. I'm only 5'4" and fell in love with that gun as soon as I picked it up. Lightweight, it pulled right on line, and most of all I could carry it all day. Mainly used for grouse in northern minnesota. I would highly reccomend this for the beginning hunter.

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