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i am a 17 year navy man, who loves to hunt and fish. i use blackpowderlyman great plains hunter flintlock and underhammer caplock, both i built and a parker buckhunter xp. i have been hunting off and on for 12 years and have never shot a deer i have seen quite a few but did not feel comfortable with the shots.


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Welcome to BGH bowhunting_redneck.

Keep the pressure on and you'll get that shot soon.
Great to hear that you're willing to wait on a good shot opportunity.
Be sure to tell us here when you do.

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Welcome to BGH my friend, persistence and patience will get that deer and a few good tips from the community here at BGH.

Good Luck and happy hunting.

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Redneck, I am here at Oceana as well. Do you hunt on the bases here? Check you messages here and on outlook, I will send you my contact info so we can talk about it if you are interested. If your muzzleloader is a 50 cal or bigger, you can hunt on base with it. I hunt muzzy also and took two deer at Dam Neck last year, I am more than willing to share info with you. We are coming up on the indoc and qual dates for muzzleloader and bow also. I have the info for that if you need it.