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New Handgun

Wester Hunter wrote,

bunnyslayer, you're talking about smith revolvers from 1985. I agree that those older smith were pretty unbeatable revolvers. I can't in good faith say that about what's being made today.

I have to disagree with you. For the most part Smiths are even better than some of the older stuff what with the retro series of 1917's and Model 22 .44 specials they have not to mention the 1911 series and even J frames are going retro. The metallurgy and machining is even better than the old days. One proviso I would agree with you on the the barrel sleeves they are using on some models purely suck. The problem with them is that you cant even get a gunsmith to remove them as it takes a special tool only available at the factory. Just stay away from models with these sleeves and youll be fine. Even with the sleeve its not bad, you just cant modify or improve them except at the factory.

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New Handgun

I have the Taurus .44 4" barrel Its a good amount of Gun for the price. Fire it a lot so you get used to it. Accuracy can be attained but it takes some getting used too.
At our camp it is the side arm of choice for those late night jaunts to the outhouse in the dark.

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New Handgun

I have heard good things about Taurus and it is a nice looking gun.

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Re: New Handgun

I just got a Taurus 9mm 24/7 Pro. Nice!!

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Re: New Handgun

Hornady XTP's will not disappoint you. You may also want to try out the Sierra 300 gr. JSP in Sportsmaster, either one will get the job done.