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new handgun is it ok for deer

I bought a ruger new blackhawk .357 magnum on tuesday too use for deer hunting I am new too handgun hunting as the only handgun i have ever shot was a 9mm smith and wesson which is my personal defense gun. what bullets would you all recommend and I do belong too a gun club and have access too a gun range.


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new handgun is it ok for deer

The .357 is generally condidered marginal for deer. If you are going to hunt deer with it, use a solid point, not a hollow point bullet of 158 gr or better. Check out Buffalo Bore Bullets line of .357 offerings, especially the 180 grain hard cast bullet load. Penetration is important with a marginal cartridge. I would keep shots to no more than 50 yds and preferably 25 yds.

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new handgun ..deer

I would not shoot a deer with a .357. If you are an excellent shot and don't shoot over 25 yards with real hot loads, you might make a quick killing shot. Otherwise be prepared to track a wounded deer.

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new handgun is it ok for deer

My Father-In-Law regularly kills deer with his Smith & Wesson .357 magnum. I will admit that he rarely shoots more than 30 yards and uses a solid bullet. He also shoots them square through both lungs right behind the shoulder........Every time.

If you limit yourself to short range shots and can put a solid bullet through the boiler room (behind the shoulder) every time you have enough gun. However, as already stated, it is marginal for deer.

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new handgun is it ok for deer

yea......treat the .357 like you would a bow an arrow. keep your shots at decent range. shoot the best ammo you can get. and practice practice practice!

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