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New Hampshire moose results

I did not draw a moose tag this year. 

Cry baby

Here is a link to the lucky New Hampshire permit winner's list.


There is also an alternate list on a linked page.


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Sorry to hear Mike.  My

Sorry to hear Mike.  My cousin drew late season bull moose in Maine, no luck for any family or friends in Vermont. 

You'll get another chance one of these years Mike. Wink

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As the luck of the draw would

As the luck of the draw would have it, my brother-in-law got picked (again!) this year. He was fortunate enough to get drawn in 2001 also and dropped a nice 600lb dressed bull then.

This year's hunt is in NH WMU I1, not the moosiest zone in the State, but about a 50% sucess ratio average so we'll take our chances.

He's asked me to be his subpermittee this year so I'm pretty excited. We'll be hitting the woods come early September trying to figure out where bullwinkle is calling home these days.

- Jay