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New Hampshire Moose Management Meeting Aug. 13th

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New Hampshire Moose Management Meeting Aug. 13th

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NH Moose Management comment

I have several concerns about the proposed Moose Management. My first is how this is a major tourist attraction. From dawn to dusk, cars are lined up on the sides of the road, all to see and photograph the moose. Who are now so used to this occurrance, and are now no longer skiddish over cars,and cameras and people. Not only that, but it's a MAJOR, tourist attraction for people from all over the world. Which brings and generates income to this rural area. From Pittsburg north, they rely on this attraction. Not to mention, the moose are used to being observed.
My second comment is,: Why doesn't NH focus on a more populated area of NH, where the moose have become a major concern, and the habitat doesn't satisfy there needs.
My fear is what happened in Vt. can possibly happen in NH. First you open the area up, and it's like shooting fish in a bucket, (in the proposed area) then the following years, the lottery generates good income, so more permits are issued, before you know it the herd is small and weak and everything is under 5 yrs old. I saw for the first time in 10 years, a massive bull with a full rack and long beard, since Vt decided to open the NE Kingdom to moose lottery.
This area generates some good stalk full of endurance. The habitat in which they need to grow and survive is there, Winters are brutal, and they go south (for most) and the cycle continues. Sort of a moose hatchery by nature. This area is extremely rural and low in human population, and those who live there count on the tourism they get from these swamp donkeys. Look and learn from others mistakes.
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