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New Hampshire Moose

Got thrown a curve ball on my hunt lotteries this year.  I had about a 95% chance of drawing something somewhere out west.  52% for Wyoming pronghorn alone.  Drew nothing.  Was resigned to no tag this year when I got blindsided with a 1% odds New Hampshire bull moose tag in zone C2.


Anyone else draw?

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Sounds like a good way to be

Sounds like a good way to be blindsided though..... Wink


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Nice way to be "blindsided".

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Luck of the Draw

Luck of the draw. Congratulations! Some people have to wait years to draw. I put in for 8 years before I drew. I still have one more year to sit out before I can apply again. I drew a unit M tag and didn't get one. Worst unit in the state by the odds. Still had fun. Enjoy your hunt! C2 should be a good unit.

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I was in for a chance at NH moose, but did not get a tag this year :(

Congrats to you and GOOD LUCK! Thumbs up