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New Hampshire Black

Here are some pictures of a bear I shot while hunting in New Hampshire this October. I hunted with my brother (a licensed guide) and our family using his dogs. Mostly blueticks with a few plotts and an occasional walker. Hunted for seven days, treed 5 bears and took this one on the last day after about a 30 minute run. Luck was with us and he treed uphill of the truck and not too far from the road so the drag was easy! Some of the others we treed were not so close to the road. The gun pictured is my fathers 30-30 that he took plenty of game with and my brother carried for years. I had always wanted to use it on a hunt and decided this was the perfect opportunity. On this day it was me, my brother, nephew and cousin so it really was a great day with good dog work and some wonderful memories!

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