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New Hampshire archery opener

Went out yesterday morning on opening day in New Hampshire. New hunting ground right on the Connecticut River. 0500 under a full moon, 77 degrees with 25 mph winds. Basically I took my bow for a long walk in the woods. I stayed out until 1100 and didn't see any deer but I did get the drop on a flock of turkeys. Unfortunately, I don't have a tag for them in NH. Saw tons of sign though. I didn't get much chance to scout here before hunting, but it was cool to do it now and find some bedding sites down by the river and some well travelled funnels into oak trees. Theres also a lot of heavily used trails into hay and corn fields. I could really use a climber stand here. Now I've got a bunch of good spots to try out over the next 90 days. So even though the weather didn't cooperate, it turned out to be a usefull day in NH. I'll get back this weekend and see what I can do.
I came home and touched up some shooting lanes and marked off some distances around my blinds here in Vermont. The logging activity has died down and the deer here are going back to their old habits so I should be ready for opening day in Vermont on Oct. 4th.