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New guy here from WIlliston, ND....Mule deer country :D

Just wanted to say Hello. My name is Kyle and I'm a deputy for williams County, ND. I love big game hunting. I have never shot anything wiht my bow but i'm determined to kill both a mule deer buck both rifle and bow and also a pronghorn with my bow as i didnt draw a gun tag.

I'm also surfing this site to help plan my buddies and my trip to hunt hopefully drawn Bull elk tag (HAHAHAHA 1st yr draw HAHAHAHAH) but more then likely an OTC 2-3rd season gun or Left over tag. I might try and get a WY and or CO OTC ARchery tag also.

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New guy here from WIlliston, ND....Mule deer country :D


i have only hunted ND one time but had an absolute blast. cant wait to get back there.

im over in idaho so its a jaunt to get over there. maybe next year. good luck.

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