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I carry a G29 10mm for hunting back up after almost getting chewedon by a bear hit once with a 300 win mag and 3 times with a 45 and finally went down 7 yrds away with another 300 win mag to the head. Yea if i wasnt writing it and didnt live it i wouldnt realy believe it either and it was only a 250 lb black bear . So any way what do you guys think of the G29. I do alot of hiking in the dark up hunting trails to set up havent put anything down with it but i like that it is light small for all day hunts dont want a huge chunk of iron on my side.

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Welcome mag,

Not a bad choice really. The 10 mm nearly duplicates the 41 magnum revolver round. Personally for me I would pick the larger frame gun for back country carry as concealment is not an issue and it's easier to control. But if recoil doesn't bother you. Knock yourself out!

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Ford or Chevy, what ever floats yer boat. the 10 is a damned fine defensive pistol round.

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